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Zebra Billy Can 1,4 liter
Zebra Billy Can 2 liter
Zebra Billy Can 3,0 liter

The best outdoor cooking pots are from the brand Zebra from Thailand.

The Billy Can, made known by Ray Mears and is used by many outdoor companies worldwide. These very sturdy pots are ideal for use above a campfire, but can of course also be used on all other outdoor cookers that run on gas, esbit or petrol.

Due to the strong stainless steel metal, they do not suffer from corrosion. The handy handle, with recess, ensures that the pot hangs safely above the fire, and is easy to move. Each Billy Can comes with a stainless steel lid and an internal smaller pan, also usable as a plate. The sturdy plastic clips keep the lid in place during transport, and are easy to remove before use.