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De primitieve kookopleiding
Vier weekenden waar je alles leert over buiten koken. thema's: 1. Vuur, hout en pannen 2. Eetbare planten 3. Het hele dier 4. Paddestoelen, noten en gevogelte.
Maximaal 14 deelnemers
Boekingskosten: € 8,86 (administratie + VZR-Garant)
05-04-2024 - 03-11-2024 €1.150,00
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Welcome to Bushpappa!

Do you want to get back to the fundament or get away from it all and feel like a bit of adventure?

We organize several Journeys & courses in the Netherlands and Finland. Here you will learn the most important skills to make yourself as comfortable as possible in nature so that you are prepared for your own future adventures in the wilderness. We have the Basic Bushcraft week course for the beginning bushcrafter, the Advanced Bushcraft week course for those who want to take their nature skills to a higher level and an Arctic Bushcraft week (Finland) for adventurers who do not shy away from winter temperatures of up to -30 degrees Celsius.

During the week courses a lot of attention is paid to safe handling of knife, axe and saw and how to act in emergencies. If, for example, your adventure turns into a survival situation, you'll know that your Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Skills are enough to master these situations when you take a course with us. Besides the Bushcraft week courses we also offer active vacations. Think of winter and/or summer hiking expeditions, where you can walk through the Finnish wilderness and in winter you can even go on a dogsled ride. You can also come to us for a week of canoeing in the beautiful Finnish lake district. The experience of nature will be overwhelming.

Let the primeval man in you come loose and learn everything about making a natural home, various ways of making fire, fishing, making traps and bows, preparing a campfire meal and much more! The perfect way to escape to nature alone or with friends, family or as colleagues, on an adventurous company outing.

Take a look at our Journeys and Workshops or contact us to discuss the possibilities for a tailor-made adventure!