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Burners, Fire bowls & Grills

Pathfinder Stainless steel Grill Small, Medium or Large
Pathfinder Stainless Steel Stove for Drinking Bottle or Cup
Pathfinder Titanium Grill
Uco FireBowl
Pathfinder Stainless Steel Bushpot Stove
Pathfinder Stainless Steel Canteen stove
Uco Mini Flatpack Grill
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Pathfinder Canvas Grill Bag
Uco Grilliput Duo griddle
Light My Fire Grandpa's FireGrill

Burners & firebowls

Made a fire? Great! Then you can warm your hands, enjoy the crackling wood and dream away at the orange-yellow flames. Or a game of cooking of course. Then you just need a few more attributes. How about a bushcraft burner with which you can quickly and practically anywhere boil water or prepare your own hot meal? Or else a firebowl is also a great option, you can hang it up or put it down and sometimes it's a baking tray or barbecue at the same time. No extra pot or pan needed. So: burner or firebowl? What do you bring on your next bushcraft-adventure?

Types and brands

Whether you choose a burner or fire bowl for your outdoor trip - and which one - depends on several things. For example, the type of fuel you need. For example, there are burners that work on gas, alcohol or methylated spirits; or just on small twigs. But the subsoil also has an impact. Sometimes it's easy and stable to place a burner, and sometimes a firebowl with legs, or one that you can hang up, is more convenient.

Buying a burner or a firebowl

You can buy a multitude of burners and fire bowls, for different prices. There are very luxurious, versatile burners for a few hundred euros, with which you can even make pizzas and cakes, but also basic ones for a few tens. Everything you find in our webshop is of good quality and complete with all necessary accessories, such as a storage bag or a set of matches. So look around and order your ideal firebowl or burner.