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Storm lighters & matches

Uco Stormproof Match Kit
True Utility FireWire TurboJet Lighter
Uco Survival Matches
Uco Stormproof Matches
Uco Stormproof Sweetfire Firestarter 8 pack
Uco Sweetfire Tinder Match Points

Torch lighters and matches

On a serious survival or bushcraft trip you will sooner or later (want to) make fire. A firesteel is ideal, but with a torch lighter or storm irons you always have fire at hand. Of course you still need flammable material, but the beginning is there. And fast. Buy a solid torch lighter or wind- and rainproof storm plucifers in our webshop and you'll never run out of fire.

Types and brands

A torch lighter, also known as a turbo lighter, has a very powerful flame and is usually ignited with an electric spark, which keeps the lighter burning in all weather conditions. Ideal for bushcraft or survival. 

Buy Torchlighters or Stormlucifers

Both storm lighters and windproof stormlucifers are for sale in our webshop. Waterproof survival matches are also reliable accessories for your outdoor trip. These matches have an extra long head so they burn better and longer and come in a plastic, waterproof box with usually different ironing surfaces. So even after rain or a wild canoe trip your matches stay safe. Order your ideal turbo lighter or rainproof matches in our webshop.