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Firesteel loose without handle in different sizes
Smith's Pack Pal Tindermaker and Fire Starter
KUPILKA Firesteel 8, Original
Light my Fire Firesteel Bio army 2.0
€22,95 €18,95
Light My Fire Firesteel Bio 2.0 Scout
€14,95 €12,95
Hultafors firesteel
Light My Fire Fire N Grill
€42,95 €32,95

Making fire with a firsteel

If you want to make a fire without a lighter or matches and don't want to spend hours with sticks, firebows and flints, a firesteel is the best solution. A firesteel - or firesteel - is actually just a metal rod, which you use in combination with a 'striker' - a special sharp metal 'lip' or just a pocket knife - which you quickly and hard scrape along the rod to make sparks. If you then let these sparks make contact with dry tinder, a fire will be created. You can buy many firesteels from us, as well as handy tinder sticks - highly flammable wood - that you can use to make fire anytime and anywhere.

Types and brands

At Bushpappa you always succeed, with a wide range of inexpensive and high-quality firesteels, from renowned brands such as Kupilka, Light My Fire, Strikeforce, Hultafors and Smith's. You can order separate firesteels, without a handle, or - as usual - with a 'striker' attached. Some have a lanyard (string) or are multifunctional with, for example, a ruler, a whistle and storage space for tinder. Finally, there are many colours of handles and strings available, from orange to green to wood colour.

Buy Firesteel

In our webshop we have various firesteels for sale, as well as various accessories, such as easily inflammable tinder sticks. With the help of the filter options you can easily decide which brand, model, colour and price category you want to see. Just think about what you need. How, where and for how long do you want to use the firesteel, for example? Some are thicker and longer, so you can iron more often, but an extra compact one is also useful.