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Outdoor cooking set

Pathfinder stainless steel PFM40 Swedish Cooking Set 3-Piece
Pathfinder stainless steel Canteen Cooking Set
Campfire cooking set with percolator
€67,95 €59,95
Pathfinder Campfire Survival Cooking Kit
€164,95 €154,95
Campfire cooking set 7 pieces Cast iron

Outdoor pans, pots and pans and plates

You'll be surprised how culinary a meal made during a survival or bushcraft can be. But whether you're making deer leg with stews, or a simple fried egg, your outdoor pots and pans have to do their job well. That means: not (too easily) burning or rusting, being able to heat evenly and being able to withstand many a burner or heat source. It is also useful for intensive backpackers if the cookware is compact and lightweight. You have to carry it all with you on your back. All Bushpappa pans, pots and plates are precisely tailored to the needs of the outdoor person.

Types and brands Pans

An outdoor pot brand that you will find in our webshop is Zebra Billy. As a bushcrafter, canoeist, walker or any other outdoor enthusiast, you'll have a lot of fun and convenience with this range of pans. They come with lid, transport clips and inner pan, which can also be used as a plate. Also nice: the pans are made of stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about rust because of a rainy trip or a too wild canoe trip. We also have a wide range of Self Reliance Outfitters Pathfinder School by Dave Canterbury. A set of these in your backpack and you are equipped with a full set of cooking equipment.

Buying an outdoor pan

Buschcraft and outdoor pans can be purchased with confidence in our webshop. You always have cooking utensils with which you can conjure up good meals on the table - or at least your plate. Often you can prepare your food in different ways with the fine 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 sets. Baking, cooking, stewing: everything is possible. And usually with handy outdoor features such as a recess in the handle to hang the pan over a fire.