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Sleeping / Shelter

Sleeping / Shelter

Sleeping bags

A sleeping bag, just like shoes and backpack, is one of the most important parts of your equipment. If you have bad nights during your adventures because your sleeping bag is not comfortable or because you are cold, you will not have a good time. Because you're not rested, you're tired and you're going to make mistakes. That doesn't improve the safety of your adventure. 

Buying a sleeping bag

At the moment we only sell army and air force sleeping bags, like the M90 KL and the M90 KLU. These are quite heavy sleeping bags, which weigh +/- 5 kilos, complete with bivibag. We do, however, accept that weight, because of the sleeping comfort they offer, and we carry them as a counterweight at the front. We have tested the sleeping bags to -20 degrees Celcius and have never been cold. In fact, we were just comfortably warm. It's not for nothing that they're one of the most widely used sleeping bags.