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WILDERNIS WIJS - Halfjaaropleiding 2025

WILDERNIS WIJS - Halfjaaropleiding 2025

Price: €1.950,00 p.p.
Down payment: €500,00 p.p.
De halfjaaropleiding is opgezet om een oerdegelijke basis te geven in bushcraft. Je leert zelfstandigheid en skills voor al je verdere avonturen in de toekomst.
After receipt of your deposit you will receive from us the other information about the trip, course, workshop or package, Such as a packing list with the necessary equipment and additional information about the route and eventually the flight(s) and/or train(s) to be booked. You will also receive an application form.
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WILDERNIS WIJS - Halfjaaropleiding 2025

Dutch spoken course

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