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Enetorpet Tick1 tick remover

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Tick remover
Enetorpet Tick1 tick remover

Tick Remover / Drawing pliers Enetorpet Tick1:

This is the most useful tick remover currently available on the market. The Enetorpet Tick1 is made of surgical steel. This makes Enetorpet's Tick1 tick remover extra accurate and also suitable for the sterilizer.

The Tick1 tick remover is easy to attach to your key ring. Make sure you always carry the Tick1 tick remover with you when you go out into nature.So either on your key ring, in your first aid kit, in the car or on your backpack. 

Some general tips about removing Tick1 tick remover, drawing pliers, from Enetorpet:

Always keep the tick removed with Enetorpet's Tick1 tick remover and write the date of the bite in the calendar. It is sometimes easier to find out whether the tick was carrying a bacterium or a virus.

Keep the tick in the grippabag and write the date of the bite in the diary.

It is recommended to thoroughly disinfect the wound after removal with, for example, an alcohol swab.

Check for six weeks whether a round circle is formed around the wound.

If in doubt, always consult a doctor.

Material: Surgical steel
Length: 9,95 cm
Width: 1,4 cm
Height: 0,6 mm
Capacity: N.A/
Color: Grey
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0 stars based on 0 reviews