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Lesovik DUCH hammock Baltic Blue

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The Lesovik Duch hammock is easy to use. To enjoy blissful rest in the hammock, you only need 2 knots. In 3 minutes you will be lying in it.
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Lesovik DUCH hammock Baltic Blue

Lesovik DUCH hammock

The most universal hammock in Lesovik's range. Designed with comfort, simplicity and durability in mind.

The dimensions of the Duch (spirit) are a guarantee of comfort. A sufficiently large surface area (300 × 150 cm) ensures comfortable rest and sleep for people up to 200 cm tall.

Duch has no elaborate and complicated accessories. Thanks to its simplicity, it maintains a very low weight of just 330 grams

If you would like an adjustable ridgeline to perfectly fine-tune the "hang" of your hammock, choose the Lesovik SMUK Ridgeline. It is very easy to install and, like all Lesovik products, comes with a clear description!

Would you rather not be kept awake by mosquitoes, midges and other insects in the hammock? Then you can optionally expand the Duch hammock with our Lesovik Magla mosquito net.

The hammock has careful triple seams at the suspension system, made with high-quality machines and high-quality yarn. This guarantees a super-strong hammock that can take a load of up to 250 kg!

The Duch is handy and easy to use. To enjoy a blissful rest in the hammock, it is enough to tie just two knots. It takes less than 3 minutes to hang it up. However, we do recommend using treehuggers if you want to hang the hammock between 2 trees. This way you protect the tree bark and show that you are treating our nature responsibly. The packed volume is less than 1 litre - so the hammock really fits in any backpack or bag.

The hammock cannot just be used as a way to relax. Thanks to durable materials and the right size, it is perfect for use as sleeping accommodation while camping, backpacking and other adventures

The materials used in making the Duch hammocks are specially produced for Lesovik to strictly defined standards. The polyamide fabric in the ripstop material (these are the reinforced fibres that form the recognisable diamond pattern in the fabric) with increased durability is light, breathable and pleasant to the skin.

Lesovik attached durable, strong lines to the hammock suspension - its aramid core removes the stretching effect of the line under load and has been tested up to 400 kilos. The polyester sheath protects the stiffer core and makes it easier to tie knots.

The Lesovik DUCH hammock also includes a Bishop Bag - a double-sided cover that makes it easy to hang the hammock and quickly pack it up again.


  • Dimensions: 300 x 150 cm
  • Weight: Hammock 330 grams, with accessories 430 grams
  • Super small packing size
  • Universal hammock with a wide range of uses
  • 70D ripstop nylon
  • Comfortable for people up to 200 cm
  • 250 kg load capacity
  • Handy "Bisshop Bag" storage bag
  • Light and spacious
  • Included: hammock, storage bag, 4 mm polyester-aramid lines (2x 5m)

We strongly recommend using treehuggers when hanging from trees

Material: 70D Ripstop Nylon
Length: 300 cm
Width: 150 cm
Height: N.A/
Capacity: N.A/
Color: Baltic Blue
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