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Lesovik OTUL Lite hammock underquilt

The OTUL Lite has a comfort rating of 7 degrees celcius and weighs only 450 grams! So basically, you can camp for two seasons with this underblanket.
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Lesovik OTUL Lite hammock underquilt

The Lesovik OTUL Lite hammock underquilt is the even lighter brother of the successful OTUL underblanket and protects against wind, cold and moisture.

Perfect for Dutch spring, summer and (the beginning of) the autumn period. The OTUL Lite underquilt has a comfort value of 7 degrees Celsius and weighs only 450 grams! So actually, you can camp 2 seasons with this underquilt.

When sleeping in a hammock, a traditional sleeping bag is highly compressed at the bottom. This affects the degree of insulation from the bottom and sides. The Lesovik OTUL Lite underquilt creates a very effective layer of stagnant air around the hammock, The "interior of the hammock" is thus pleasantly and comfortably warmed by your own body. So with this underquilt, a sleeping mat is actually superfluous!

OTUL Lite is the lightest commercially available synthetic underblanket in its temperature class. The underquilt has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 200 × 100 cm, weighs only 450 grams and provides comfort down to around 7°C (Tested by us and depending on sleeping bag and nightwear used)

The effectiveness of the OTUL Lite underquilt consists of three elements:

A lightweight, durable and quick-drying outer shell made of polyamide with micro-ripstop fabric. The jackets and sleeping bags of Polish special units GROM and FORMOZA are made of exactly the same fabric!

An excellent insulating filling of CLIMASHIELD Apex 67, which is the most effective synthetic insulation in the world. Lightweight, resilient, durable and above all hydrophobic - it does not absorb water so it largely maintains its insulation in humid weather too!

Minimalist, universal design Otul Lite underquilt is a multifunctional product and very easy to use. Both the hanging system and adjustment are very simple. The underquilt fits any hammock. Installing and adjusting the underquilt takes literally a minute and a half!

Loops are attached in four places along the length of the Lesovik OTUL underblanket, which can be used to secure the underblanket to the top as well. Thanks to its hydrophobic insulation, CLIMASHIELD Apex protects against wind, cold and moisture.

At the head and foot end, the underblanket is fitted with elastic drawstrings to counteract the "flowing" cold air. By tightening these cords, the underblanket fits perfectly to the hammock, forming the so-called footbox and shoulderbox. (These parts of the body that get cold spots most quickly are thus protected from cooling down. The design of the underblanket guarantees a constant, maximum "loft" of insulation.

Lesovik OTUL Lite hammock underquilt is not only a hammock underblanket, it can also be used as a lightweight camping blanket.


  • Universal, three-season (late spring, summer, early autumn) underblanket
  • Dimensions 200 cm x 100 cm
  • Weight 450 grams
  • Protects against cold air and wind
  • CLIMASHIELD Apex- 67 gr hydrophobic insulation layer with high insulation properties
  • Can also be used as a light camping blanket
  • Temperature range up to approximately 7 °C
  • Simple hanging and adjustment options

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