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Lesovik SMUK hammock ridgeline

The Lesovik SMUK Dyneema hammock ridgeline is a strong cord that you attach to the ends of the hammock, thus making the "Hang" of the hammock more comfortable
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Lesovik SMUK hammock ridgeline

The Lesovik SMUK hammock ridgeline is a strong Dyneema cord attached to the ends of the hammock. It simplifies hanging the hammock and allows you to adjust the "Hang" of the hammock, which has a very big impact on lying comfort.

Hanging the hammock relatively loosely is crucial to ensure a comfortable and healthy rest and get the most out of your hammock experience. Moreover, with proper adjustment, you can more easily lie diagonally in the hammock.

With the Lesovik SMUK hammock ridgeline, you never have to worry about adjusting the "hang" again because once it is set, it always stays the same. Using the Lesovik SMUK hammock ridgeline gives the same shape of the hammock every time you hang it, regardless of the angle the suspension lines create. However, we do recommend always hanging the hammock at a 30-degree angle as explained in the book The Ultimate Hang 2.

We strongly recommend ordering the Lesovik SMUK hammock ridgeline with the Draka hammock, for example, so that you can easily adjust the length of the ridgeline and thus your own hang yourself!

Both the ridgeline and the two loops are made of Dyneema cord with low weight and high strength (up to 660 kg). For production, we used the method which is the same as for products made for sailing and in tree care. This is the so-called Whoopie Sling method. In addition, Lesovik applied a bead on the ridgeline, which prevents this "whoopie sling" from being shortened or damaged too far.

The process of replacing/attaching and adjusting the Lesovik SMUK hammock ridgeline takes only 3 minutes and can be done with any "gathered end" hammock. The SMUK Ridgeline is compatible with all Lesovik hammocks and advisable to add to, for example, the Draka hammock.... See attached instructions for more information.

While camping, the Lesovik SMUK hammock ridgeline can also serve as a clothesline or simply be used to hang parts of your equipment. Think, for example, of a headlamp or night lamp.


  • Great addition to a hammock hanging system
  • Easy to mount on almost all hammocks
  • Ensures accurate adjustment of the "hang" of the hammock
  • Ensures the same "hang" and therefore the same comfort every time you hang the hammock
  • Can be adjusted as required using the whoopie sling method
  • Handy way to organise your stuff

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