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Light my fire Tinder (fatwood) on a Rope

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Light my fire Tinder / fatwood on a Rope
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Light my fire Tinder (fatwood) on a Rope

Tinder on a Rope is the ultimate and natural way to ignite fire in all weather conditions.

Tinder on a Rope is fatwood from pines from the Highlands of Mexico. Because there is a high content (80%) of resin in the fatwood, it is highly flammable.

In combination with an Firesteel fatwood has become an indispensable attribute among outdoor enthusiasts.

Mexican pine has an 80% resin content and is also known as fatwood. Scrape some wood from the Tinder-on-a-Rope and the scrapings are very easy to light with a firesteel. Of course, you can also do it with matches!

The wood burns fast, long and hot. A perfect base to light the big fire with. It also burns well in wet conditions because it is mainly the resin that burns and not the wood.

Material: Fatwood (80% resin)
Length: N.A/
Width: N.A/
Height: N.A/
Capacity: N.A/
Color: Brown
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