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Modular Sleeping Bag Dutch Army

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Cold? Not with the modular sleep system of the Dutch army!
Modular Sleeping Bag Dutch Army

The Modular Sleeping Bag KL Dutch Army is a mummy model that consists of 3 parts that you can merge.

The modular sleeping bag of the Dutch army comes in 3 lengths (Medium, Large & Extra large) and consists of 4 parts: 

  1. Liner: This keeps your sleeping bag clean and also provides a little extra insulation. You attach these by means of 8 ribbons that you put through the loops in the sleeping bag. The sheet bag has a zipper and can also be used without a sleeping bag. This sheet bag can be used in both sleeping bags.
  2. Summer sleeping bag: A mummy model with a weight of 1000 grams. With a pack volume of 25 cm x 19 cm. The zipper is on the right side and the hood can be closed by a fly net with zipper. The comfort range is up to +5°C. 
  3. Three seasons sleeping bag: A mummy model with a weight of 1900 grams. The pack volume is 32 cm x 27 cm. The zipper is in the middle of the front and the comfort range is up to -19°C.
  4. Camo Compression bag (M90 KL): Here the complete sleeping bag can be stored and the pack volume can be made as small as possible.

By putting the summer sleeping bag (with sheet bag) in the three seasons sleeping bag, the hibernation bag is created. According to the manufacturer's figures, this hibernation bag should provide a comfort range of -40°C. We have tested it ourselves with ease up to -20°C. The pack volume is then 45 cm x 27 cm. Because the zippers are not on top of each other, you do not suffer from a thermal bridge and you can enjoy a comfortable and warm night's sleep when needed.

The modular sleeping bag of the Dutch army comes in 3 lengths: 

  1. Medium - body length up to 1,8 mtr. Weight approx. 3500 grams
  2. Large - body length up to 1,9 mtr. Weight approx. 3800 grams
  3. Extra large - body length up to 2,2 mtr. Weight approx. 4100 grams

The length and width of the Modular sleeping bag are: 

  1. Medium - 2 m long, 80 cm wide at the shoulders and 40 cm at the foot end.
  2. Large - 2.2 m long, 80 cm wide at the shoulders and 40 cm at the foot end.
  3. Extra large - 2.3 m long, 80 cm wide at the shoulders and 40 cm at the foot end.

The Bivy or Bivi tent has been developed for this sleeping bag. So if you want to be able to withstand all weather conditions, then a bivi tent is an absolute must with this sleeping bag. 

Beware! These sleeping bags are used. The color may therefore differ from the color on the picture
Never store your sleeping bag in compressed form, but hang it out. 


Material: N.A/
Length: Body length up to 1.8 m - Body length up to 1.9 m - Body length up to 2.2 m
Width: 40 cm (at feet)
Height: N.A/
Capacity: N.A/
Color: Green
5 stars based on 6 reviews
jinthe 28-11-2022

na deze slaapzak iets meer dan een jaar in gebruik te hebben kan ik zeggen dat dit 1 van de beste aankopen is geweest van de afgelopen tijd de kwaliteit is top ik heb nog niet bij temperaturen kouder dan -8 graden geslapen maar heb het altijd lekker warm gehad

deborah 03-10-2022

Deze slaapzak is echt super goed. Ik heb 3 winterslaapzakken getest en deze is echt de beste. Ik heb het voorbije weekend geslapen met enkel het winterdeel met de lakenzak en het was op het randje van te warm, terwijl ik heel gemakkelijk kou heb. Hij is zeker de moeite waard. Het enige dat ik miste was een zakje om mijn spullen in te doen, maar die heb ik tussen de lakenzak en slaapzak gelegd en dat ging prima.

Robert 27-03-2022

Zeer snel geleverd en in zeer goede staat mogen ontvangen. Geweldige slaapzak.

B.A.S.Y Landegent 05-01-2022

Erg goede slaapzak warm geslapen

Mira 18-11-2021

De slaapzak snel, compleet en in zeer goede staat ontvangen. Ik ben erg blij en tevreden! Dank!

Christopher groom 07-07-2021

The sleep system arrived within a couple of days so was a quick delivery. What to say about the product?....I checked the whole of the sleeping bag liner, summer and winter sleeping bags over....they look brand new. Made in July 2007. In terms of quality of the product you couldn't get better. Unfortunately it's still middle of summer so can't test the thermability to its full extent until winter but as far as the quality of the product its clearly a 5 stars. Would definitely recommend the product from Bushpappa. Thanks very much!

5 stars based on 6 reviews