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Modular Army Sleeping Bag to minus 30 °C

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Cold? Not with this modular sleep system that keeps you warm down to -30 degrees Celsius!
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Modular Army Sleeping Bag to minus 30 °C

This Modular Army Sleeping Bag is a mummy model made up of 2 sleeping bags that you can put together.

This modular army sleeping bag consists of 3 parts:

  1. Summer sleeping bag: A mummy model weighing 1000 grams. With a pack volume of 25 cm x 19 cm. The comfort range is up to + 15°C.
  2. Autumn sleeping bag: A mummy model weighing 1900 grams. The pack volume is 32 cm x 27 cm. The zip is in the front centre and the comfort range is down to -17°C.
  3. Camo M90 KL Compression bag: This can be used to store the entire sleeping bag and minimise the packing volume.

Putting the summer sleeping bag inside the autumn sleeping bag creates the winter sleeping bag. This winter sleeping bag should give a comfort range of -30°C according to the manufacturer's figures.

This is the Italian Marines' winter sleeping bag under nsn 8465-15-163-4453.

The pack volume is 45 cm x 27 cm. Because summer sleeping bag has no zip, you won't suffer from a cold bridge and can enjoy a comfortable and warm night's sleep when needed.

This modular army sleeping bag is 2.20 metres long and 70 cm wide at the shoulders to 40 cm at the foot end. Which makes it comfortable up to a body height of 1.90 metres.

Please note! These sleeping bags have been used. The colour may therefore differ from the colour in the picture


5 stars based on 1 reviews
Petra Blankwaard 26-01-2024

Ik heb een aantal van deze slaapzakken besteld voor strijders in Oekraïne. Inmiddels heb ik feedback van hen ontvangen dat de slaapzakken zeer goed bevallen en goed warm zijn, wat fijn is in de koude winter daar.

5 stars based on 1 reviews