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Njord Ymir Forged Cutlery Set

Medieval cutlery set consisting of a knife, a spoon and a meat fork, based on historical finds and is made of hand-forged stainless steel.
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Njord Ymir Forged Cutlery Set

The Njord Ymir father of all, born from the tempestuous coming together of fire and ice.

The Njord Ymir is a medieval cutlery set and consists of a universal knife, a Spoon and a meat fork and is based on historical finds. The Njord Ymir set is made of hand-forged stainless steel.


  • Knife: 18cm / 63g
  • Meat fork: 19cm / 43g
  • Spoon: 18cm / 63g

Cutlery in medieval times was not the set we are used to today. The knife was bigger and sharper so it could be used not only to cut food on your own plate but also to cut meat, for example.

A spoon or eating spoon was used to spear the cut food and bring it to the mouth.

A fork, on the other hand, was two-toothed and was mainly used to "scoop up" and hold meat or fish in place while it was cut.

The Njord Ymir comes with a handmade brown leather rolling bag with clasp.

The inspiration for the design of the traditional medieval cutlery, the Njord Ymir, has its origins in the time of the Vikings. Cutlery was personal and carried with them at all times. After all, you didn't want to be without cutlery as soon as the food was served.

Feel connected to the past and discover the many uses of Njord.

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