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Reindeer hide 150 x 110

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Ecologically tanned! The most beautiful, best and cheapest Reindeer skins of the Netherlands! Straight from Scandinavië. Order them quickly at Bushpappa.nl
Reindeer hide 150 x 110

These are first-class quality reindeer hides with a supple skin, straight from the Scandinavian tannery. 
It is really soft and the implant is very firm.
Perfect in your hammock or as a sleeping mat (just hang it out after sleeping) or just to sit on.

The skins are all approximately 150 cm x 110 cm and tanned ecologically. 

A reindeer skin has hair. Hairs are actually hollow tubes. Under pressure they burst. The more pressure, the faster the hairs break.
So if you want to enjoy your reindeer hide for a long time, don't use it intensively as a carpet or a rug on the sofa. 
A reindeer coat must be able to breathe. So don't lay the fur on the ground for long periods. 

When you order a reindeer hide from us, you will receive a first-class product. You will also receive information on how to care for the hide.

Please note that we do not give any guarantee in case of hair loss.


Material: Reindeer skin
Length: 150 cm
Width: 110 cm
Height: N.A/
Capacity: N.A/
Color: Brown/white
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