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Wilma Naturprodukter Elddon DeLuxe flint and steel set

Lighting a fire with flint and steel is a great and simple way to light a campfire in a traditional way.
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Wilma Naturprodukter Elddon DeLuxe flint and steel set

Elddon DeLuxe Fire Battle Set
Make a fire like the old Vikings

Making a fire with a traditional Elddon is a fantastic and easy way to build a campfire in a historic way.

When the steel is struck against a sharp piece of flint, it gives off a shower of sparks that ignite charred cotton which then begins to glow.

Then place the embers in a bunch of dry grass, twigs or fluffy burlap rope and blow until it flares up.

Making fire with a firecracker is a fun and traditional way to learn as an alternative to modern methods. It's really satisfying to make fire like it used to be and once you've started it, it soon feels like one of the more fun ways to make fire in the outdoors. Simple, historic and real...

From spark to blazing fire ...
Comes in a box together with a piece of flint, amadou, fatwood, a bundle of grass and glow sticks.

Material: Flint & steel/amadou/fatwood/grass bundle/glow sticks
Length: N.A/
Width: N.A/
Height: N.A/
Capacity: N.A/
Color: N.A/
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