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Light My Fire

Light my fire Tinder (fatwood) on a Rope
Light my Fire Eco Spork Case
Light my Fire stainless steel Spork
Light My Fire Firesteel Bio 2.0 Scout
€14,50 €13,95
Light My Fire Grandpa's FireGrill
€29,95 €15,95
Light my Fire Firesteel Bio army 2.0
€21,25 €18,95
Light my Fire Lunchkit Bio various colors
€26,95 €20,95
Light my Fire Eco Spork Titanium
Light my Fire Eco Straw Kit Titanium
€29,95 €22,95
Light my Fire Mealkit Bio in several colors
€29,50 €24,95
Light my Fire Eco Spork Kit Titanium
€34,95 €29,95
Light My Fire Fire N Grill
LMF Bio Fireknife Coco
€54,95 €43,95
Light my Fire Eco Spork'n Straw Kit Titanium
€54,95 €49,95

Michael Odqvist was fascinated by the resinous kindling of the Maya Sticks. By starting fair trade production on a larger scale, Michael helped 400 of these descendants of Mayan Indians earn more money so that they were able to send the children to school.

A year later, the first Fire Steels were launched in Sweden. Unfortunately, the timing was not right, nobody had really understood the product, and there was not enough money to market it on a large scale.

However, Michael did not give up. For a long time he was looking for an alternative and simple way to light a fire. And in 1996, the perfect match was found - the magnesium fire-starter that was developed and used by the Swedish army. Not only was the Swedish Fire Steel a great product in itself, it was also a perfect combination with the Tindersticks.

This created a solid foundation for the future, but she realized that there were more possibilities in the outdoor area. With the help of a well-known brand specialist designer and copywriters, Light My Fire was launched on the market. Now they make high quality outdoor products, designed with a smile and with lots of cheerful colours.

The Spork is a huge hit. A total of more than 21 million Sporks have been sold by Light My Fire.