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UCO Gear

Uco Survival Matches
Uco Stormproof Matches
Uco Stormproof Match Kit
Uco Stormproof Torch & Tape
Uco Grilliput Duo Barbecue rooster
Uco Mini Flatpack Grill
€49,95 €45,95
Uco Grilliput Quattro Barbecue rooster

UCO stands for Utility, Comfort, and Originality and is known in America for its Led Lanterns, Candle Lantern™, Stormproof Matches™, Portable Grills and Stakelight™. For more than 40 years, UCO has been bringing quality products to the outdoor market. Each product has been developed with the aim of making your outdoor time safe and more comfortable. No matter who or where you are, UCO's versatile range of essential outdoor products will bring warmth and fire to all your adventures.