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Mora of Sweden

Mora Erik Frost Rookie Wood Carving
Mora Hunting Belly Opener Guthook
Mora Craftsmen 175P
Mora Garberg met Lederen Schede
€5.3 Korting
Mora of Sweden Mora BushCraft Forest
Mora BushCraft Forest
€37,50 €32,20
Mora Safe
Mora 163 Spoon knife (2019)
Mora Companion Stainless Outdoormes
Mora Companion Heavy Duty Burnt Orange
Mora Garberg Black met Lederen Schede
Mora Companion Heavy Duty F(Oranje)
€4.46 Korting
Mora of Sweden Mora Garberg Multi Mount
Mora Garberg Multi Mount
€89,95 €85,49
Mora Kansbol Multi Mount
Mora Kansbol
Mora Eldris neck knive
€4.7 Korting
Mora of Sweden Mora Eldris Neck Knife Kit -Geel
Mora Eldris Neck Knife Kit -Geel
€46,95 €42,25
Mora Erik Frosts 105 Wood Carving
Mora Erik Frosts wood splitter 220 carving
Mora Erik Frosts 164 Wood Carving lepelmes
Mora Erik Frosts 163 Wood Carving lepelmes

Since the 18th century, local craftsmen have been making knives in and around the Swedish town of Mora. It was a long tradition of craftsmanship that was passed down from generation to generation. And this craftsmanship was shared with the rest of the world when Frost-Erik Erson founded the first factory on the outskirts of Mora in 1891. This laid the foundation for the company and brand Morakniv as we know it today.

By the end of the 19th century, the term "Mora knife" was already quite well known in Sweden thanks to the long traditions in the Mora region. After the establishment of the factory, production increased and Morakniv was able to supply more knives in Sweden and to the rest of the world. Knives from Mora reached end-users all over the country through travelling merchants and barter trade.

Even today, some knives are still made by hand in the traditional way. And where possible, production is fully automated. They use advanced technologies and automated production processes to produce quality knives. Because the production process from steel to knife takes place entirely in Mora, Morakniv has full control over the production. This enables them to guarantee that every knife is manufactured in accordance with the standards. And through close cooperation with professional users, new ideas are turned into leading concepts.