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Silky Pocketboy saw blade | 170-10
Silky Gomboy saw blade (210-10)
Silky Gomboy saw blade (270-10)
Spare Blade for the Silky Gomboy 240-10 Folding Saw
Silky Gomboy saw blade (300-10)
Silky Pocketboy 130-10 Folding Saw
Silky Super Accel 210-14 Folding Saw
Silky Pocketboy 170-10 Folding Saw
Silky Outdoorzaag Super Accel 210-7.5
Silky Gomboy 210-10 Folding Saw
Silky Outdoor saw Ultra Accel Curve 240-7.5
Silky Gomboy 240-10 Folding Saw
Silky Gomboy 270-10 Folding Saw
Silky Gomboy 300-10 Folding Saw
Silky Bigboy 360-10 Folding Saw

Um Kogyo Inc. - Japan
Since 1919, Um Kogyo Inc. has specialised in the production of hand saws in Japan. Through years of experience, they have built up a worldwide reputation as the best hand saws for both the pruning and woodworking sectors. The highest quality saws are always produced with the utmost care and newly developed to meet the needs of the consumer. Today Silky already has more than 100 saws in its program.
Silky makes saws with different teeth for different purposes:

coarse teeth for wet and soft wood
fine teeth for dry and hard wood

A Silky saw is not just a saw
Silky saws are available for a wide range of applications. The tree climber, furniture maker, roofer, gardener, carpenter, installer, parqetteur, demolisher or private individual will always be able to find the right saw. Moreover, every user recognizes the extremely fine cut and the smooth work with these Japanese saws. Working with a Silky saw is less labour-intensive, resulting in a higher yield. Little force is required to get through the wood. The teeth remain sharp for longer, and because of the low vibration caused by sawing, working with Silky feels much more pleasant than working with other saws. Silky pruning saws damage 50% less wood cells, resulting in a faster pruning recovery and less risk of mould formation.

Silky users appreciate like no other
- The efficiency of the razor-sharp saw blades (inductively hardened and quadruple ground).
- Ergonomic full rubber handles.
- The unique design and the inimitable cut.

Extensive range
Silky offers a complete range of saws for pruning and woodworking, from folding to holster saws, from curved to straight saw blades, each with a wide range of teeth. Telescopic saws are available in lengths from 2.40 m to 7.70 m. There are even specific saws that can be used under certain conditions.
such as sawing tree roots or sawing door sills.