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Bushcraft week Course Sweden 22 July - 28 July 2024

Bushcraft week Course Sweden 22 July - 28 July 2024

Price: €699,00 p.p.
Down payment: €699,00 p.p.
In this course, you will learn a good foundation for survival in nature, as much as possible from primitive skills as our ancestors lived.
After receipt of your deposit you will receive from us the other information about the trip, course, workshop or package, Such as a packing list with the necessary equipment and additional information about the route and eventually the flight(s) and/or train(s) to be booked. You will also receive an application form.
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Bushcraft week Course Sweden 22 July - 28 July 2024

In this Bushcraft week course you will learn a good base of skills to survive in nature, as much as possible from primitive skills as our ancestors had once lived.

We work with modern and primitive materials, so you will learn how to work with a knife but also learn how to make and use a simple knife from flint. The aim is to learn how to live from nature in a primitive way as much as possible, in an accessible practical way.

Through this, you learn to trust nature and yourself and also see yourself as part of nature. You will therefore become less dependent on your modern equipment.

The Bushcraft week course starts with a few days in a base camp where we learn basic skills. Then we go on a three-day hike through the Swedish forests, supplementing the food with self-caught fish and whatever else we can gather.

There will be cooking on wood fires lit by friction and we will sleep together in a camp of tarp shelters, where you might hear wolves at night, or with a lot of luck spot a lynx or moose.

The Bushcraft week course is designed so that it is accessible to everyone, but even the more experienced bushcrafter can still learn a lot here, especially as this Bushcraft week course goes further than the regular bushcraft courses.

Bushcraft week course contents:

  • Making fire with:
    • the fire bow
    • marcasite
    • fireslag
    • firesteel
  • Different tinder
  • Identifying firewood
  • Fishing techniques
  • Making fish hooks from bone
  • Making and setting traps
  • Purifying and cooking water
  • Eating from nature (depending on the season)
  • Survival flintknapping (knife or axe making from flint)
  • Using knife and saw
  • Building a simple shelter from natural materials

For whom?

  • For anyone from 15 years onwards in reasonable condition.


  • Sunne, Sweden


  • 22 July to 28 July 2024

This Bushcraft week course includes:

  • Location & lessons
  • Lesson materials
  • All food & drink during the course

This Bushcraft week course does not include:

  • Transport to/from location
  • Travel insurance
  • Own sleeping system: tent/ tarp/ hammock
  • Basic camping gear



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