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Lesovik DRAKA hammock set Olive Green

A spacious hammock with fixed ridgeline, a beautifully cut mosquito net, a complete, ultralight dyneema suspension system and an "organiser" for handy items.
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Lesovik DRAKA hammock set Olive Green

The DRAKA professional hammock set from Lesovik has everything you need to create a lovely sleeping place under the stars: A spacious hammock with fixed ridgeline, a beautifully cut mosquito net, a complete, ultralight dyneema suspension system and an "organiser" for handy items. The set has a low overall weight and fantastic lying comfort!

The main thing that sets Lesovik DRAKA apart from other hammocks is the integrated mosquito net with a specially developed zip. This offers a number of unique functionalities:

  • full-length unzips on both sides
  • non-blocking zips, the mosquito net can be opened with a quick hand movement
  • increased durability/life span
  • comfortable silicone ends on the double-sided zips in bright colours, for easier finding with minimal light
  • super high mesh density, even the smallest midges and midges won't get through.
  • Lesovik's DRAKA mosquito net is fully removable. When the mosquito net is not needed, it literally takes 30 seconds to remove it from the hammock. With the included storage bag, you can immediately store it neatly and safely.

It is an important detail that the DRAKA musquito net Lesovik does not need any additional supports or a separate suspension system to work properly. It is held in the right position by the integrated ridgeline of the hammock and the cut of the design. The flexible mesh also moves slightly with the user's position.

If you would like an adjustable ridgeline to perfectly fine-tune the "hang" of your hammock, choose the Lesovik SMUK Ridgeline. It is very easy to install and, like all Lesovik products, comes with a clear description!

The Lesovik DRAKA hammock set Olive Green guarantees sleeping comfort. All the features of this hammock are specifically designed for this.


Lesovik has increased the sleeping space in the DRAKA hammock to 330 cm, which is more than 22% larger than most hammocks available on the market. Even people as tall as 210 cm can lie comfortably in this hammock. The DRAKA is symmetrical, meaning you can lie in it in any direction and on any side.


The DRAKA hammock is made of a nylon ripstop material of military origin - This nylon ripstop is resistant to damage and careless use. The hammock can also withstand several hundred kilos of load, while still being very lightweight and fully breathable.

Suspension system:

We believe that a product should be offered completely. This is why Lesovik always offers these hammocks with a special suspension system. In the case of the DRAKA hammock, this is the full SMUK suspension system, consisting of:

  • 2x treehugger to protect tree bark and create a secure attachment point
  • 2x ultralight carabiners
  • 2x hand-braided "whoopie slings" made of Dyneema, stronger fibres than steel


For optimal use, the DRAKA is equipped with additional accessories:

  • Organiser (5 compartments), for storing useful items. The organizer is made to store even larger items such as a down jacket and a pile of accessories.
  • 2 storage covers: one for the suspension and the other for the entire hammock set
  • Pull outs: The DRAKA is completed with four attachment points on the sides. These attachment points can be connected to the two elastic pull outs. These pull outs can be used to stretch out the hammock. This ensures a nicely stretched mosquito net, better access to the sleeping bag or quilt and an easy, tidy inside of the hammock.

The Lesovik DRAKA hammock can be combined with all other Lesovik products. Due to its size, we do recommend using the HEKSA tarp for optimal protection from the elements.


  • Size of hammock: 330 x 150 cm
  • Weight of the complete set: 760 grams
  • Maximum load capacity up to: 250 kg
  • Dimensions in the storage bag: 35 x13 x13 cm (without using compression)
  • Material hammock: 70D, 65 gsm, breathable ripstop nylon
  • Material mosquito net: Polyester mesh mesh of 570 holes per cm2
  • Treehuggers: Polyester
  • Suspension: Dyneema (polyethylene)
  • Carabiners: Aluminium

Material: 70D, 65 gsm, Breathing Ripstop Nylon/ Polyester Mesh
Length: 330 cm
Width: 150 cm
Height: N.A/
Capacity: N.A/
Color: Olive green
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