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Lesovik OTUL hammock underquilt

The Lesovik OTUL is a lightweight underblanket that protects against wind, cold and moisture, so you can sleep warm in a hammock even in autumn and winter.
Lesovik OTUL hammock underquilt

 The updated version of the Lesovik OTUL hammock underquilt is a lightweight underblanket that protects against wind, cold and moisture, so that you can sleep  comfortably in a  hammock even in autumn and winter .

When you sleep in a hammock, a traditional sleeping bag is strongly compressed at the bottom. This affects the degree of insulation from the bottom and sides. This is especially annoying in autumn and winter. These are the months where even good quality sleeping mats cannot guarantee complete protection against the cold, mainly because they are often too narrow. Our OTUL underblanket creates a very effective layer of stagnant air around the hammock during these months. The "interior of the hammock" is therefore pleasantly and comfortably heated by your own body. With this underblanket, a sleeping mat has actually become redundant!

The brand new OTUL 2.0 version is the lightest commercially available full-size synthetic underblanket in its temperature class. The new underblanket has a rectangular shape with dimensions of approximately 200 x 110 cm. The Otul 2.0 is equipped with thicker Primaloft insulation and is therefore even more reliable in colder weather than its predecessor the Climashield Apex 4.0. It weighs only 820 grams and offers comfort down to approximately -5° C (personally tested in the field by BackpackingLight.nl). and depending on sleeping bag/quilt and nightwear used)

The excellent insulating filling of Primaloft provides the most effective synthetic insulation in the world. Lightweight, resilient, durable and above all hydrophobic – it does not absorb water so it largely retains its insulation in damp weather!

This underquilt is multifunctional and easy to use. Both the hanging system and adjustment are very simple. The underblanket fits on any hammock. Installation and adjustment of the underblanket literally takes a minute and a half!

The underblanket is equipped with elastic drawstrings at the head and foot ends to prevent the "flowing" cold air. By tightening these cords, the underblanket fits perfectly on the hammock and thus forms the so-called footbox and shoulderbox. (These parts of the body that get cold spots most quickly are protected from cooling down. The design of the underblanket guarantees a constant, maximum "loft" of the insulation.


  • Universal, three to four season underblanket
  • Weight: 820 grams
  • Protects against frost and wind
  • Renewed Synthetic Primaloft hydrophobic insulation
  • Temperature range down to approximately -5° C
  • Simple mounting and adjustment options
  • Includes storage/prop bag

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